Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Lannathai with the family...

My family and I usually go out to eat once a week. Most of us are indecisive and resort to a default Chinese restaurant or settle for a bowl of pho at Tau Bay. This week I suggested that we should go for Thai food. It has been a while since our last Thai restaurant. We have been to Syphay house, which is along 104 st next to the Malaysian restaurant Tropika. Syphay house was a delightful experience for us, the portions were not large but very filling. The tom yum goong soup at Syphay is the best I have had in Edmonton. The flavors were dense with spices and filled with ingredients. I remember when I visited Thailand, I was obsessed with tom yum soup. Every meal started off with it and by the end of our trip, I was still helping myself to seconds.

Lannathai offered a wide selection of dishes ranging from soup to noodles to meat and seafood dishes. We wanted to try some northern specific Thai food so we asked the server to recommend us some dishes. She recommended the Chiang Mai Curry with chicken and the Siam ocean seafood dish. In addition, we ordered tom yum goong soup (of course haha) and the usual pad thai with beef. 

We started off with the tom yum soup with Shrimp. It came out nice and hot, with a tealight candle underneath keeping it warm. The soup contained mushroom, shrimp, cilantro, kaffir leaves and chili paste. The soup wasn't as spicy as Syphay which is good with my family since most of us cannot handle spicy. There was a distinct lime and lemon grass flavor which is a good thing since lemon grass is suppose to be the main flavor of tom yum. Overall, the soup was fragrant and flavorful, making it a good starter without filling you up quickly before the main dishes.

The Pad Thai was next and it was not bad. The portion size was large, and it contained a lot of fresh ingredients! But without squeezing the lime over the noodles there wasn't much taste. Pad Thai is known for having 4 distinct flavors: spicy, sweet, salty and sour. The flavors was very subtle and left me wanting something more out of the dish. The noodles were just right, chewy and not overly soft or sticky.
 Following the Pad Thai was the Siam Ocean seafood dish (pictured above). The Siam Ocean was delicious. It mainly consisted of a variety of seafood including, mussels  shrimp, squid and mixed vegetables of snowpeas, red peppers, carrots and bamboo shoots. The sweet chili - basil- sauce was not overpowering and complemented the dish very well. 
The Chiang Mai Curry with Chicken was also delectable. At first I thought the dish was too watery, since the majority of the "curry" dishes I have tried had a thicker sauce. But this dish is more of a curry stew. This curry stew consisted of chicken, peanuts and pineapple. It consisted of a sweet and sour flavor which made it perfect with rice. Speaking of rice... It came in a really cool silverware container! I have never seen something like this before and thought it was really interesting.

Overall, this was a pleasant dining experience. The menu offered a wide variety of selection, service was great and the prices were affordable. Each dish was thoroughly prepared and brought its own unique flavor to the table. I will definitely be back to try the many other dishes this restaurant offers!

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