Thursday, 8 August 2013

Carnivore Delight at Sloppy Hoggs Roed Hus!

My family loves to eat meat. Sorry vegetarians...but we love our beef, chicken, pork, you name it! It is a must have ingredient in our household or else complaints will arise like no tomorrow. So for fathers day, I decided to take my family out for some delectable smokehouse meat! I heard many many good things about this small restaurant place..and the insane portions! Earlier, a few guy friends went here and posted pictures of the humongous sized burgers.. It seriously seemed like some jaw dislocation was needed to take a bite out of the burger.

Anyways, for the family of 4, we went with the game day platter. This included beef brisket, ribs, chicken, pulled pork, corn bread, loads of fries and baked beans. Basically, it was a good sample of all they have to offer! And for $75...and the amount o food they give, it was definitely worth it. 

When it came out, we were all shocked because we were not use to seeing all the food piled together onto one giant plate. It was impressive and the smoked meat smelled amazing..

The beef brisket was the first thing I dived into and unfortunately it wasn't as tender as it looked. Quite dry and flavorless..which was a little disappointing. But on the bright side the pulled pork was fabulous! Whoo! I wish they gave more, I felt like the skimped out on the pulled pork.. but I'm sure it was because my brother was gobbling it down the quickest and left none for the rest of us. Jerk! The ribs were also excellent. Super tender, well seasoned and barbecued to perfection. The chicken was also a little disappointing.. Not much flavor and it was quite burnt. 

Here's a picture of the aftermath... we fought a hard battle but lost. But it was a good fight! We were completely stuffed, and the funny thing was after the meal we all said the same thing: Phew no meat in this quantity for a longgggg time please... Haha.

This place is a must try! Grab a couple of buddies and head down to sloppy hoggs and I guarantee it will be a great night. Depending on what type of meat you order some are tender and if you love barbecues this place will not let you down. Bring YO APPETITE. 

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